This Saturday, a mega-fight of sorts takes place as the former pound-for-pound best boxer in the world steps into the ring with the current #2. Yes, it’s Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Juan Manuel Marquez in Numero Uno (or Number 1) on HBO Pay-Per-View and broadcasted live in the Philippines through Channel 2. This boxing fight happens inside the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, and I’m especially looking forward to this event because of the anticipation built up by the HBO’s 24/7 show on both fighters. Not only that, the undercards are a real draw to hardcore boxing fans.

Juan Marquez Marquez vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. Watch Free PPV Live Streaming Online Video Replay Winner Results Highlights Weigh-In

Here are some of my thoughts on why this bout is so interesting, although my prediction is that its going to be a late round stoppage for Mayweather. First, JMM is a real classy and intelligent fighter. He’s knocked down by Pacquiao three times in the first round of their first meeting, and he was able to bounce back and give Pacquiao a run for his money. That means Marqeuz doesn’t get knocked out very easily. He’s also intelligent enough not to fight Pacquiao power for power, and counterpunch his way thru a comeback. Because of this, I am also predicting that although I think the Marquez vs Maywaether is interesting, it’s going to be a boring fight. Both fighters will probably wait for each other to make a move, being counterpunchers. As we all know though, Money Mayweather has an edge because he is a natural welterweight. Just last night, he weighed 4 pounds heavier than Juan Manuel (146lbs vs 142 lbs). MAyweather will no doubt be coming into the ring with greater power. And it scares some people to think that Floyd is probably even a step faster than JMM. So that accounts for my win prediction.

I also spent some time watching some of the highlights of both fighters on Youtube.

Floy Mayweather Jr. HBO Greatest Hits Video

Juan Manuel Marquez Greatest Hits Replay

How to Watch the Mayweather-Marquez Fight
There are several ways really.
1) Go to Yahoo Sports! and the HBO website to purchase the High Definition live streaming video. It’s on PPV, and this is the best way to do it online.
2) Pay your local cable for the PPV and watch the fight with friends.
3) Look for the post-fight replay videos on Youtube.
4) Gamble with your viewing experience and head on over to live streaming video websites like Justin.TV,, and use SopCast servers. I’ve tried this before and most of the time it doesn’t work. The fight is on PPV so if you try and watch it for free, you end up giving a lot in the process (like time and patience).
5) Watch the delayed telecast on your local TV Channel.
6) Check out BoxingVid’s Mayweather-Marquez fight updates.

It seems that Mayweather will really take this one home. My concern now is if people would put him back to #1 pound for pound if he beats Marquez, which I think is unfair for Pacquiao. The fight schedule starts at 9PM ET (9 AM here) and the actual main event will probably start at about 11 PM ET.

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