Have you been scouring the net for a customized photoshop brush that you’ve been wanting to use for your design? Well, worry no more because I have just found the best website/s where you can download adobe photoshop brushes for free. I have been using their designs for quite a while now and my graphic presentations have never been the same. You can also get new and pretty patterns as well as interesting custom shapes from them.

Just go to these photoshop brush websites:
1) www.PhotoBrushop.com
2) Brusheezy.com

Here’s a sample brush from their website.
Download Free Photoshop Brush, Brushes, Patterns and Custom Shapes (New Best)

What is a Photoshop Brush?
A photoshop brush is a file that you can install on your existing adobe photoshop program whether the version is CS 2, CS3, or CS 4. which you can use inside the program for easy insertion of images. All you need to do is to select the specific brush that you want and you can choose the size the color. These brushes can range from any image you can imagine (from animals to abstract designs) and greatly simplify your work.

In PhotoBrushop.com, you can even request a brush that you specifically need. Ain’t that a treat, eh?

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