I’m putting in a question mark on this news, but if Michael Jackson is truly dead, it is such a sad day for all music fans. “Michael Jackson Dies ” reports TMZ.com, a reputable website, in the afternoon of June 25, 2009 (time and date of death to be confirmed). The cause or reason of death according to TMZ is cardiac arrest. Paramedics were able to get to Michael Jacson’s house after housemates called 911, but was unable to feel any pulse and resuscitate the singer after bringing him to the hospital.

Sad breaking news indeed. Although it is not confirmed yet, it seems the word is already out that the singer has died this 2009 of heart attack.

Michael Jackson Dies of Cardiac Arrest at Age 50 Dead Reason Cause of Death Date Why What How

I remember watching his VCDs back in high school several times before finally telling myself I’m already addicted to Michael Jackson.

Let’s all mourn music fans. I hope his burial/wake becomes available to the public and be put on streaming live video over the Internet.

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