UFC 89 Michael Bisping vs Chris Leben Video

The whole of England’s MMA hopes rests on Michael’s Bisping’s back when he takes on Chris Leben tonight, October 18, 2008 at the Ultimate Fighting Championship 89 at National Indoor Arena, Birmingham, England. Bisping hopes to take out Chris Leben in hope of a battle against the best Anderson Silva. The fight will be broadcasted one delayed tape at Spike TV.

Chris Leben, dubbed “The Crippler” became hugely popular when he joined The Ultimate Fighter. He is also known as the first victim of current top MMA athlete Anderson Silva.

Here’s a video Chris Leben’s career highlights.

Michael Bisping on the other hand has Quinton “Rampage” Jackson on his back. He says this fight is his measuring tape against the predicted fight with Anderson Silva.

Here’s a video of Michael Bisping’s fights.

The other fight that you might want to see in UFC 89 is Brandon Vera vs Keith Jardine in the light heavyweight card.

I’ll try to give you links for the streaming video of the UFC 89 fights.

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