Fellow bloggers, all links of streaming videos pointing to this search phrase “UIC Davao City Sex Scandal” have been checked by yours truly not so Dark Knight can watch x but for the sake that he may give you the truth behind this said issue. Unfortunately, and as I have observed, the videos that are being shown needs third party software to be installed on your computer, and they were all exe files masquerading as either Windows Media Codec or Adobe Flash Player 9. Of course yours truly, using his own laptop at home, did not bother to install the said software and proceeded to just blog about it, which is the most proper thing to do given the situation.

Does it matter if the said scandal is true? If you’ve been watching a lot of these videos lately (from bf-gf cellphones to hidden cameras) then I personally believe that there is no point in watching another one again. This keyword should be included in our pin@y Sc@ndal project in order to protect the dignity of the people involved in the said issue. Let them sort out what happened first and do steps to prevent themselves being ridiculed due to their mistakes in the past. U.I.C. I believe is a reputable school and a Catholic University at that. For the people involved—let them be your mother, your sister, or your friend. Then you will understand my concern.

Please blog about these new issue—and don’t forget to link to my post.

-Dark Knight