I just checked the Payment History for Adsense this morning and I’m glad to break it out that the payment is now available for pick-up. The date of payment there says January 25, 2008, although I’m pretty sure that the money wasn’t available until today. I guess it still takes some time (at least two days) for Google to process the payment with Western Union, which is a little far from what they advertise as a same-day pick-up payment. Or maybe it only happens for Philippine publishers. Does anyone know?

If you have any questions regarding your Adsense payment pick-up at a Western Union branch, you may read my previous article on that here.

Update on the actual pick-up later this afternoon.


Two things:
1) Never pick your payment up in the mall. Usually they offer a lower exchange rate.
2) If possible, choose a Western Union agent that you can conveniently go back to for subsequent payments. Being a regular customer means that you won’t have to fill up that damned Customer Information form everytime you get your money.

Two lessons hard-learned. But anyway, got my payment again!