I just saw this on the Inside Adsense Blog, and the Adsense Team is now abolishing their referral program for Filipinos. Before, Filipino publishers can earn from $5 to $2000 just by referring other publishers(although I doubt if a Filipino was able to take advantage of it). In fact the main reason they are taking it out is because the program is non-performing. Others might see this in a negative manner, but in fact, I think no Filipino publisher will cry much over this Adsense program change. Why? Because in reality the referrer’s only hope in this program is that his referral earn $5 in 180 days, which is very achievable, so as to earn himself. I’ll save the details to how you earn $2000 in Adsense referrals because no one as I’ve told you (I believe) was able to do it.

From Inside Blog:

If you’re outside of North America, Latin America, and Japan, AdSense referrals will be retired.

Real simple, I should say. Now I’ll just have to remove all those Adsense referrals from this blog. Ah! The space that I’ll be freeing up!