I just finished setting up two new blogs for GuitarTutee, and yes, only in a matter of minutes. The first sub-blog, GuitarTutee Unplugged, will accept video submissions coming from users and will feature other tutorials found on Youtube. The second one is GuitarTutee Tabs, will be the repository for copied, modified, or original tabs that GuitarTutee will be using for the songs in our videos. Tabs is currently bare, and we have yet to put in the tens of pieces that we have. Both the sub-blogs look promising, and there is no doubt that they will attract visitors as well coming from the main site and from search engines.

I chose to create the blogs as subfolders to GuitarTutee an not as a subdomain. The main reason being this—there is a continuity and relation between the contents of the main blog and the two sub-blogs. Also, creating the blogs this way allows the search engines to recognize the two new blogs merely as part of the main blog. This in turn facilitates faster indexing and more keyword hits for bth Google and Yahoo. I’ll be discussing the difference between subdomains and subfolders more in another article.

And if you haven’t figured out yet: GuitarTutee has now 3 separate databases and 3 separate WordPress installations. How many more can it accommodate? I’m thinking MORE.

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