Answer the following questions before watching the video.

  • Are you looking for the best pinay scandals in the Internet?
  • Have you heard of the La Consolacion Scandal?
  • How about the Ateneo Scandal images / pictures ? Or the La Salle Scandal Video / Vedio ?
  • Would you like to purchase the 10 volume—101 videos of the Manila Scandal DVD? or would you like to inform the MTRCB or the Optical Media Board (OMB) about it?
  • Do you know who was involved in the Cebu Scandal and the Davao Scandal? Do the girls there have a Friendster / Prendster / Freindster account?
  • Did you know that the “Pinay Scandal” keyword started hitting the search engines like crazy in the middle of 2005? And that it’s continually being searched by thousands of Filipinos right now(see the report here)?
  • Can you name the other variations of the keyword “pinay scandal”? I’m already giving away some of the answers: Filipino Scandal, Pinoy Scandal, Philippine Scandals, Manila Scandal, Pinoy Sex Scandal, Pinay Sex Scandal, Cebu Scandal, Pinoy Big Brother Scandal.. Care to add to the list?
  • Did you know that here in the Philippines, a kissing episode in Pinoy Big Brother is already considered a scandal? This is while the Europeans are actually doing it on the set, and they consider it normal, not a scandal.
  • What is the Church’s stand on this pinay scandal fiasco? Have you ever heard a homily / sermon about it? Come on and share.
  • How about our X and R movies? Aren’t they considered pinay scandals? Do a movie budget, a director, a shooting set, and a premiere night elevate the X movie above the lowly and typical pinay scandal video being passed around through bluetooth?
  • How many scandals do you have on you cellphone right now? How many are actually your own videos?

Afer much adieu, here is that famous Pinay Scandal video. The best and last one hopefully.

(Note: This has been a well-known and over-used project in the blogosphere. I’m doing this because I believe the project is unsuccessful and that we can do more about it. Explanation after 1 week of post-and-link-and-wait.)

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