I finally got my first Adsense payment using Western Union’s Quick Cash—and I never thought it would be that easy. Here’s exactly what I did.

  1. After each month(or the month your Adsense balance reached $100), your earnings will be calculated and a Payment button will appear on the My Account->Payment History page of your Adsense. The payment will arrive at the 25th of the next month, or so they say at the Adsense support page. For this month, the payment started to be processed on December 24th. You will see a processing status right beside the current month of Payment(in this case, December). On the 27th, a details link appeared beside the words “Payment issued.” This contained the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) for your Western Union payment, total payment amount, and sender’s (Google’s) information. Jot everything down before picking your cash up from a Western Union Agent.
  2. Here are screenshots of the Payments History page, and the Payment Details page. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you how much I earned because that will be a violation of Adsense’s Policies.

    Payment History and Details

  3. Go to the Agent Locator website of Western Union. Choose Quick Cash Payment. Input your location.

    Western Union Agent Locator
    Choose the agent closest to you. If it’s not a Western Union main office, call first to check if they really accept Quick Cash. By the way, I advice you not to use stall agents because they usually offer a lower Peso-to-Dollar rate than the main office(because of commissions).

  4. Go to your chosen agent, and fill up the money receipt form, which looks like the one below. Submit this form to the cashier. The processing that ensues only takes a couple of minutes.

    To Receive Money

  5. The cashier will ask you if you would want to convert your Dollar payment to Pesos. Usually, they will have the rate displayed inside their offices. If you know of a money changer who offers a higher Peso value, opt to get your payment in Dollars. Consider also if you are taking in a large payment, say above $1000, because a difference of 1 Peso in the exchange rate can mean a thousand Peso for your total. Otherwise, getting your payment in Peso in the Western Union booth saves you all the trouble of finding a money changer.
  6. That’s it! Congratulations on receiving your Adsense payment.

Because this is the first time I was able to receive the payment through Western Union, I didn’t know December has the earliest day the Adsense payment was processed(see pinoymoneytalk’s article on that here.) It seems the Google team is getting effective with the payments, another reason why blogging is geared towards being a stable job for the Filipino in the future. Compare this to their payment scheme before when us publishers had to wait a month to three months before our adsense checks arrive in the mail, and yes, some do get lost.

If you have any questions regarding the procedure, just leave a comment below.

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