Truth is, you may skip Steps 5-6 of this guide and still come up with the best blog the world has ever seen.  How, you ask?  With the articles that you will be writing of course.

 To write a post log-in to your website and go to the Write tab.  The following are just basic reminders in writing your articles.

  • Write as often as you can. Websites that are updated daily gather more traffic than sparsely written websites, no matter the content.
  • Research your topic.
  • Write logically and coherently.
  • Write substantial posts.  If you think you can still improve on it, save it as a draft first and get back to it after obtaining more resources and more content.
  • Provide links to your sources. This will make your post credible and will get you some traffic in case your source notices that you linked to his blog.
  • Target an audience. Elicit certain reactions from them purposefully.

Time Span : 2 weeks – 12 weeks before monetizing

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