After installing WordPress, you will have the famous Default WordPress theme for the look of your website.  What you would want is to customize the look of your theme to suit your topic or your personal preference, and there are quite a number of free WordPress Theme Templates in the Internet.  Although this is the case, you can find all your theme needs from this two websites:

  1. The Official WordPress Theme Viewer
  2. Free WordPress Themes

Choosing your theme can take quite a while, and expect to have a hard time because there is a lot to choose from.  Once you see a theme that you like, choose to test it first before downloading to get a general feel of the theme.  After settling on a specific theme, follow the steps below to change the theme of your blog.

  1. Choose and download the theme of your choice from among the thousand free themes on the two websites above.
  2. Save it on your desktop. It usually comes in a zip file so unzip it after saving.
  3. Open your FTP client and login to your FTP server. 
  4. Go to this folder public_html/wp-content/themes/.
  5. Copy or upload your chosen theme’s  folder into  public_html/wp-content/themes/. Wait for all the files to get successfully copied.
  6. Log-in to your website.  Go to the Presentation tab and choose the theme you’ve just uploaded.
  7. That’s it! 

Usually it will take you several tries to settle on a specific theme, so just keep on downloading and uploading.  Your theme is very important, and although it is very easy to change, most of your theme modifications will be theme-specific, so that choosing the best theme from the early start can save you a lot of modifications in the future.

One advise I can give beginners is to stick it out with the first theme that you liked.  However your website looks, it’s value will be mainly dependent on the content that you put in it.  Yuga has advised me to write the articles first before taking your time in choosing and modifying the theme. 

This will be it for now.  Modifications of the themes will be dwelt upon in future posts.

Time Span : 1 hour – 2weeks

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