The next step after choosing your topic is to pick the domain name for your new website.  In a shallow level, we can understand the need for this step in the same sense that Shakespeare’s Juliet asked that famous question: “What’s in a domain name?”  There are a lot of articles that can help you choose a superior name, but because I wanted you to know only what is necessary, I’m listing the three most important points in picking your domain name, in order of most important to least.

1. Make it Keyword-Friendly

Yes.  Let your domain name follow from the keywords that will be used to find your blog.   This will enable search engines like Yahoo and Google to find matching searches right at the door of your website, which is your domain name.  (Imagine looking for a house with its house number right on the gate. Much easier to find, right?)  The proven method is to put two keywords together and combine them to form the domain name.  For example, let’s take a successful blog and pick it apart.  Yugatech, blog of Abe Olandres, boasts of two keywords.  The first, yuga(which is his nickname), is very specific.  Any search of his name reveals his primary website.  The other one, “tech,” is a shorter form of the keyword technology.  Any search on Philippine technology thus reveals Yuga’s website among the top results.  In the Philippine setting, these two keywords match his website like a key would its lock.

A more popular example is the social networking website Friendster.  Perhaps this does not prove the point exactly, because who uses google to find friendster? But add other keywords like network or social to the term friend on your search and notice the top result.

2. Readability and Writability

Your domain name must be as easy to remember as it is to write in that address bar.  Refrain from using the following characters and numbers: hyphen(-), zero(0), and word substitutes like 4(as in for), and 2(for to).  Not only do these characters make your domain name hard to read, it also makes the user more prone to typing it incorrectly when accessing. The general rule, thus, is to make it as simple and short as possible.

3. Let It Serve as Your Logo

Eventually, what you want is for people to remember your name as a brand or as a logo.  Business people use their company name for the same purpose, so why don’t we?  A well chosen name gives a better marketing appeal, and branding your website sets your blog apart from the others.  Want an example?  Try searching for guitartutee in yahoo, google, and youtube, and notice the results.

After considering the three points above, the last thing you would need to do in choosing your domain name is to check if it’s available.   Go to this website and input your chosen name.

Check Domain Availability 

Time Span: 1 minute – 2 weeks

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