Undoubtedly, most Filipino publishers would credit their success with Google’ Adsense program. How does a blogger earn money from Adsense? A lot of ways actually, the most prolific of which is through their targeted ads.

Before I proceed any further,

Make sure that you have been blogging for at least two weeks already so that your website will already have contents. Important: Read carefully the Terms and Conditions, Guidelines and Policies of Google Adsense. Not only will it enable you with more knowledge on Adsense, it will also keep you from getting your account banned.

After signing up, you will have to wait for Google’s notification e-mail regarding your acceptance into the program.

Suitable For:

  • every blog, except the ones that violates Adsense Policies (i.e. gambling, adult content)

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Adsense FAQs:
1. What is Google Adsense?
Adsense is a money-earning program where you place advertiser codes on your website with Google acting as the middle man between you and the advertisers.

2) How do I sign up?

3) How do I earn?
There are three ways:

  • Clicks : when visitors click on the advertisements
  • Impressions : when your ads reach a thousand views or more, you get credited for impressions
  • Referrals : refer Google products and other services and get a piece of the action
  • 4) After my account is approved, how do I place the Ads?
    Log-in to the Adsense website. Click on the Adsense Setup Tab. Follow the instructions. At the last part, copy the ad script to your blog. There are two ways to do this. First, you can copy-paste it on a text box in Presentation->Widgets tab. This will enable you to place the ads on the sidebar. Second, you can paste it directly on your .php files using Presentation->Theme Editor tab. This will enable you to post your ads anywhere you like on your blog. Just make sure that you have a back-up for your theme files so that you can always revert to a working condition in case something goes wrong.

    5) What are the best places to put my ads on?
    There are three proven places that gets the most attention: Sidebar, Post Header, and Comment Section. Some people insert adsense inside their articles, but I find this downright intrusive. Explanations in a later article.

    6) How long before I start earning?
    Assuming you have a good readership already, Adsense will detect all clicks on their ads and will credit it to your account. After reaching $50, Google will send you a postcard which contains the PIN necessary to fully activate your account. The letter, from my own experience, took almost two months to reach me by mail. Wait for it. Upon reaching $100, you can encash you earnings through Western Union, which takes just about 1 day.

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